This pearl, as called by many, in karlovci’s crown, according to the legends, was served on the famous and legendary Titanic and on the Vienna palace. Every time when there was some kind of misunderstanding or apply for some privilege, cases of so-called divine drinks Bermet was brought from Karlovci. all disagreements were solved. In a contribution to the value of Bermet is also a story that says that the Turks only allowed Karlovci’s production and gave then special privileges during their rule. Bermet is produced by a secret family recipe that was taught by the ancestors
to decedents as top secret. This is mixture of red wine
with secret ingredients that are aromatic spices.
White bermet reminds of Italian vermouth, which has the same character as well as black one only produced from white wine, and with other combinations of aromatic additives.
Has an exceptional sweet taste with 17% alcohol.
Special aromatisated extremely drinkable wine, with sweet taste, which can be served as an aperitif or with desserts, cookies, ice creams, aromatical cheese, various types of fruit, walnut ...

Best served at a temperature of 18-20 º C.

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